On Wednesday September 13th, members of the BigTuna Interactive team attended the #imakealiving event hosted by Freshbooks at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q in Austin, Texas. This event focused around the idea that in today’s world, people make a living a lot differently than they did 10 years ago.

The Panel

The panel included: Spike JonesChris HeuerJackie HubaJeremy Tanner, and Chrystie Vachon. These speakers are all very successful in different ways, but agreed that business is a hustle and to never settle for a job that makes you unhappy.


Key takeaways:

Be Original: They emphasized the idea to stand out so that employers or clients will notice you for who you truly are.


  • Passive patience is sitting back and waiting for something

  • Active patience is to work while you wait

In the business world, it is very important to have active patience and to do the best you can everyday to reach your goals.

Passion and Work

Although some panel members had different opinions, they all agreed that not everyone’s work is their passion, but you need to have drive in your work to be successful.  


The panel focused around the notion that failure is a learning experience and should drive you to find and then be your best self.

The Keynote

Saul Colt spoke for about 45 minutes on “How to Gain Attention”. Saul is North America’s best word of mouth marketer and verified smartest man in the world. Saul’s career focuses around the goal to always stand out so that people will notice and remember you.

How to create an experience:

1.     Make people laugh

2.     Make people think

3.     Create a genuine emotion

Laugh, think, cry for short. Saul showed us multiple examples of how he has created an experience for people around him. He ended with saying to shock them, don’t stun them. Make people remember you and want to be apart of your experience.

Thank you Freshbooks for the chance to hear and learn from successful Austin businessmen and women! #imakealiving

Article by BigTuna Interactive Intern and University of Texas Senior, Salone Norris.